Eternally Flawed (serawench) wrote in pf_letters,
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Let's not forget Manda!

Manda Archive

The famous Manda Archive - every letter written on PF by this character is archived at the above link. Worth a read if you've got the time!
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The first Albertson's letter refers to a store about 8 blocks from my house where I do 80%+ of my grocery shopping. How hilarious!
I do love me some Manda letters. I just had to dig for this archive again once this comm opened up.
The all caps is actually painful to read, not to mention her sense of grammar and spelling are absolutely atrocious too!
I know, but it's classic.
I *love* Manda. She's a Planet Feedback legend.
I just had to add her infamy here. :)
Thank you so much for posting this. Ever since I got home from work, Clint and I have been reading over her letters and laughing until tears were running down our faces. I'm sure that Manda is a spoof, but whoever is behind her writings is damn clever :)
You are quite welcome! I was sure I wasn't the only one around to enjoy such a well thought out, though poorly written, spoof of whiney customers!