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Ken A. wants $60 for trying to use an expired coupon

"Costco Doesnt Value My Business"

by Ken A. written to Costco Companies, Inc.
Posted Sat April 1, 2006

I received a mailing of Costco coupons sometime un February with coupons dated for the future. One coupon offered a $60m discount on a Rnvision widescreen computer monitor which expired 3/12/06. I saved that coupon for many weeks and "lost" it on the top of my desk. I discovered it on 3/14/06 and went to the Ocean, NJ store to ask if they would honor it. They refused, stating that it was a special promotion by the manufacturer and Costco could not honor the coupon any longer even though there where at least 20 in stock.

I realize that they have every right to deny me, but if they checked my buying record for the last 6 monthe they would have seen $15,ooo in purchases. Honoring the coupon would have made good PR.

P.S. I bought a different monitor last week at the same Costco.

Credit my account for $60.
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